Madill's student council gives back to group of senior citizens

MADILL,Okla. (KXII) -- "It really feels good to give back to the community and help someone," student council member Wyatt Langford said, "It gives you a bright feeling."

Wyatt Langford and Colt Crowson are members of Madill High School's Student Council.

This holiday season they are partnering with Hope for Marshall County to give back to the senior citizens at Brookside Nursing Center for their first Fill the Stocking event.

Crowson and Langford say the idea was brought to them by their student council sponsor Michelle Bray... and it took off from there.

"A lot of those senior citizens they don't have regular family members to come and help them out, so we thought it would be nice for our community to come together and give back to those people," Crowson said.

"We are very proud of the kids in the student council for the work they are doing in this community, not just for children but for the senior citizens also," Hope for Marshall County Executive Director Gwen Wilson said.

They are collecting different items that will be placed in stockings and given to the senior citizens at the center.

They are asking for socks, sugar free candy, and word puzzles.

"just little things to keep them entertained and give them a merry Christmas," Langford said.

Terri Weaver is the activities director at Brookside.

She says says the senior citizens light up when they are given even the smallest gift from someone.

"They're like kids, they love it, you know they're opening their packages and they are seeing what's in it and they just love it," Weaver said.

"If we can all remember remember how exciting it was when we were little kids, the senior citizens have that same excitement and it makes them feel more at home and brings back beautiful memories, " Wilson said.

Wilson says the stockings will be passed out later this month.

If you want to help, you can bring any donations to Madill Public Schools.

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