Man falls almost 25 feet from cliff at Turner Falls

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DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) -- Davis Police say the man was hiking near the Outlaw Cave Trail when he thought he could climb a cliff but fell into a rocky area.

Zach Wolf and Mason McHorse say they saw it happen.

"Cops rolling in, sirens going off everywhere," Wolf said. "They had care flight come in and get the guy that fell. I hear he cracked his skull and broke his arm. He was wearing sandals and tripped."

Park Medic Brian Walker says they used a Stokes basket to get him out of the creek to transport him to an Oklahoma City hospital.

A Stokes basket is a metal, wire, or plastic litter used in search and rescue operations.

"He had a compound fracture of the ulna in his arm and a pelvic fracture as well as a head, neck and back injury," says Walker.

Davis Police believe the man, who hasn't been identified, was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the fall.

"You don't need to be climbing on rocks or hiking on the trails if you're under the influence of alcohol and obviously drugs," said Davis Assistant Chief of Police Dee Gregory. "We don't want them here at all."

Gregory says using common sense in regards to safety is crucial for hiking trails in turner falls.

"We strongly encourage that if you come out here you should have the proper footwear, the proper clothing and you need to be in good shape for where you are," says Gregory.

After this incident, park officials and the witnesses all say the same thing:

Don't do drugs."

"People need to be prepared for what they're going to do that day and not be intoxicated for trips like this," Gregory said. "Marijuana and alcohol are probably not the things to smoke before you go fixing to go rock climbing."

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