Man arrested for impersonating police officer

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) The man impersonating an officer was 27-year-old Cory Allen Tutaj.

Booking photo of Cory Allen Tutaj (Grayson Co. Jail)

He tried to pull a woman over on the 2600 block of Lamar Street near Sherman High School.

Police tell us the woman never made contact with Tutaj, and she did the right thing by calling 911.

It happened about fifteen minutes before midnight on Monday.

Police say a woman was driving on East Lamar when a gray Chevy Malibu pulled onto the road behind her, and started flashing red and blue lights.

"The victim then, believing it was a police officer in an unmarked car, pulled over and then the suspect vehicle then sped past," Sherman police Sgt. Brett Mullen said.

The strange encounter lead the woman to call Sherman PD, who confirmed the person flashing the lights was not a police officer.

Deputies say they found the car hours later on East Highway 82 near Walmart.

Tutaj was arrested and charged with impersonating a public servant and possession of marijuana.

"By activating those red and blue lights under false pretenses like that, it meets the elements of the offense," Mullen said.

A witness at the scene says he noticed that the man looked familiar.

He told deputies on scene he believes this could be related to a similar incident that happened in Denison in February.

"I pulled up the news article off of KXII's website and I showed him the picture, and his partner pulls out the driver's license of the suspect and they're looking at it and they're like 'woah this is almost an identical match'," a witness who wanted to remain anonymous said.

Police say they are looking into a connection, but have not confirmed it.

"We are aware that there is an impersonating a public servant case in other jurisdictions in the area, specifically Denison PD had a case recently, we can't confirm it is the same person at this time but we are looking into that matter and investigating to see if they are related," Mullen said.

Sherman police say this is what you should do if you believe you're being pulled over by someone pretending to be a cop: turn your hazard lights on, acknowledge to the person you see them, get to a well-lit area to pull over, and call 911 to let dispatch know where you are and confirm whoever is behind you is a real officer.