Man arrested for metal detector robbery in Denison

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- The thief accused of taking a Denison man's shovel and metal detector at gunpoint in March is now arrested for the crime.

"Who robs somebody for a metal detector? It's like some kid trying to steal another kid's toy," Ryan Crowley said.

Ryan Crowley said he was out metal detecting near Perry Avenue and Elm Street in Denison two months ago.

"I was in the zone, everything I was finding were 1800s," Crowley said.

But all of a sudden, he looked up and a man he had never seen before approached him.

"Where's the coins, where's the coins, that's all he kept saying, pocket full of coins of money," Crowley said.

Crowley said the man then held a gun to his head and stole his $10 shovel and beloved $400 metal detector.

"At the time it felt like he was kidnapping one of my kids, ya know what I mean, I love that thing, I find so much silver with it," Crowley said.

Now a little more than two months later, a man is behind bars for the crime.

"I was so happy, I ain't gonna lie, I cried," Crowley said.

Kellen Fadare was arrested Thursday for aggravated robbery.

"I just want to thank Denison police, they helped me get my life back," Crowley said.

The district attorney was unavailable to interview but the arrest warrant states that authorities were able to track the suspect vehicle's license plate to Fadare's address. Crowley then looked at a photo lineup and identified Fadare as the man responsible.

"I would have taught him how to metal detect too, I would have showed him ya know, but he wants to rob people, and he'll have a lot of time in prison to think about it," Crowley said.

Fadare has bonded out of jail.