Man arrested after hours-long manhunt following attempted kidnapping, robbery

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SOUTHMAYD, Tex. (KXII) - A man is in custody after taking law enforcement on a hours-long manhunt in Southmayd.

Neighbors on Windy and Katie Rose Lane said they noticed a large law enforcement presence near a home Tuesday night.

They were told to go inside-- and lock their doors.

Linda Sutherland got a call from a neighbor Tuesday night around 7 p.m. to go look outside.

"My neighbor called and said, what's all the cop cars?" she said. "I went outside and there were cop cars everywhere."

Sutherland walked over to a police officer.

"He said, you need to go back in your house, there's a man on the loose with a gun."

Southmayd police said when they arrived, the manhunt began.

"The subject took off on foot," said Southmayd police chief Chad McKee. "The K9 was out looking and there were DPS helicopters flying over the area."

McKee said Stacy Williams threatened to kill a woman who lived at the home and her family if they didn't give him money.

McKee said Williams punched her, leaving her with injuries to her head and arm.

McKee says the two knew each other and he believes Williams would have kidnapped her, had someone not called 911.

"The helicopters circled around, it was really scary," Sutherland said.

Just before 10 p.m., a Grayson County Sheriff's office dog found Williams hiding a few miles away in a field.

"We had a large area, everyone helped patrol," McKee said.

The night before and just a few streets over, there was a three hour standoff.

"It's been exciting, our little town is quiet," Sutherland said. "Nothing goes on, but boy, in the last couple days it has."

Williams was arrested for aggravated kidnapping, robbery, assault, evading and terroristic threat.

"We really appreciate everybody's help," McKee said.

The female victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to be survive.

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