Man attempts knife assault on former neighbor

Published: Nov. 6, 2017 at 4:42 PM CST
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"It had been brewing for two weeks," a neighbor said.

Tension that came to a head, when deputies say Donald Gaither challenged Troy Bagley to a knife fight Sunday morning.

"He appeared to be intoxicated somewhat, he did comply with the officer when he ordered him to the ground--at gunpoint--and he was holding knives in both hands whenever the deputy confronted him," Sheriff John Christian said.

Sheriff Christian says Gaither had pornographic magazines tapped to his stomach when they searched him.

"The suspect told him that he had been in prison before and that was a way that they used to protect their selves in a fight," Christian said.

Police say Gaither believed Bagley got him kicked out of his home at the park.

"Gaither thinks that Troy told his boss that he stole Copper out of this house, but Gaither says he didn't, it's here say," a neighbor said.

The neighbor tells us she knew Gaither would confront Bagley soon, but she was shocked he had knives.

"It's dangerous," she said.

Sheriff Christian says Bagley made a smart decision to call police instead of confronting Gaither.

"He says that he knew if he went outside someone could've possibly been killed," He said.