Man calls Oklahoma School for the Deaf a second time

SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) Sulphur police said the man who threatened the Oklahoma School for the Deaf last week called the school again.

Police Chief David Shores said someone called the Oklahoma school for the Deaf on Wednesday from Los Angeles, California.

"I believe he told the secretary up there that he wanted to let Chief Shores know this was his First Amendment right and this wasn't a threatening phone call," Shores said.

The caller left his name and wanted to know whether a school employee had been fired.

That employee is married to someone accused of making comments online about a transgender student at Achille schools in Bryan county.

Last week, that same caller said people at the school were in "grave danger" and that employee should be fired in 48 hours.

After that call, school officials delayed the start of school for a week.

Shores said the I-T person at the school traced Wednesday's call to Colorado.

Thinking he was getting closer, officials put the school on lock down for part of the day.

The school went off lock down after the FBI traced the call to Los Angeles and talked to the man at his home.

"They explained to him that this was getting to be harassment and he said he wouldn't call anymore," Shores said.

Officials from OSD said off camera they appreciate the patience of students and parents and hope to get everything back on track.

School is set to start on Mon. Aug. 27.

"I've had help from the troopers, investigators and also the FBI has stepped in and are helping me," Shores said.

Chief shores said the department will continue to investigate the caller.

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