Ardmore man dies after being struck by vehicle

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - "It lit up the sky, almost like a parade," Becky Beaird said.

Friday evening Becky Beaird and her husband Scott saw several emergency lights down the street from their home.

They say they were not sure what was going on.

"Either a police chase, or a dignitary coming in, maybe they were going to follow them in or some kind of funeral procession because there were like four or five cops lined up down the road," Becky said.

"I just seen all the lights flashing and all the commotion going on down there," Scott said.

Ardmore police told us 56-year-old Randall Davis was intoxicated and tried to cross the 200 block of Sam Noble Northeast when he was hit by an east-bound car.

The family told us Davis was flown to a Plano hospital where he later died.

They say Davis served as a Preacher at Southside Baptist Church, but that he struggled since his wife's death in 2013.

He is survived by a sister, three brothers, a son and two grandchildren, who they say he loved spending time with.

"They are suffering today because today they don't have that person anymore," Becky said.

The Beairds say people are constantly crossing the busy street despite a lack of lighting in the area.

"It's a pretty crowded street," Scott said, "every now and then, you know they run back and forth all the time down there - surprised it hadn't happen more."

The family tells us they believe Davis may have been walking home when the accident occurred.

"Any life taken tragically like that (is) sad," Becky said.

Officers said no charges will be filed.

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