Man gets 20 years for robbing a woman, threatening her with a knife

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A 21-year-old man is headed to prison for robbing a woman, then coming at her with a knife.

Jesse Hill got 20 years for the crime and violating the probation he was already on for burglary.

Four months ago, prosecutors said Hill stole 100 dollars from the woman, then threatening her with the knife.

"What if, you know, if I didn't escape the situation, what could've happened, or what would he do next to someone else?," said Amber Miller, the robbery victim.

That's the question on Miller's mind.

She left her apartment for work one morning when…

"I noticed a car I've never seen before. This guy Jesse, he got out of the car. He asked me if I had weed," Miller said.

She said no.

Then he approached her holding cash.

"He asked me if I had change for 100. He was following me close, so I felt nervous," Miller said.

Miller gave him the change.

When he handed her the bill…

"And he took off immediately. So I knew something was up. I opened it, it was clearly counterfeit," Miller said.

She followed behind in her car.

When they got to a stop sign, she asked for her money back, then threatened to call police.

"And then the next thing I know, Jesse's hopping out of the car with a knife. He paused for a minute, it was a long knife. And I paused too, and he starts running to the front and I just take off," Miller said.

Earlier this year, court records show Hill got probation for breaking into and stealing from a neighbor's house.

He was three months into that sentence when police say he robbed Miller.

Thursday, Hill pleaded guilty and got 20 years behind bars.

"I think that sent a very big message to people here in Grayson County. If you're on probation, do what's right. Don't get in trouble," Asst. District Attorney Britton Brooks said.

Brooks said Hill will be in prison on an aggravated robbery charge and probation violation.

Instead of cash, Miller carries pepper spray.

"I wasn't expecting it to be counterfeit, I wasn't expecting him to pull out a knife on me. I just wasn't expecting any of that," she said.