Man gets four years for assault on a Howe police officer

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) - A Grayson County man was sentenced to four years in prison after a traffic stop in Howe led to a violent encounter almost two years ago.

Howe police Sgt. Keith Milks vividly remembers the night of May 14, 2017.

"I pulled over a car for traffic violations."

In the passenger seat, he found Kendrick Anderson with an open bottle of beer in his lap.

"I retrieved that, and I asked for his name," Anderson said.

Anderson gave Milks a fake name. When he found out his real name, he discovered an active warrant.

"Little misdemeanor warrant, but you lied to me about your name," Milks said in his body cam footage.

"He began to pull away and twist, he was yelling and his spit was hitting me," Milks said.

Milks said Anderson began to kick him.

"He dragged me back and kicked me. I took him to the grass. He began to verbally assault me and his girlfriend on the scene," Milks said.

Anderson was taken to jail for assault on a public servant.

A jury found him guilty in February and a judge sentenced him on Thursday, when Anderson said he did not kick Milks and is trying to turn his life around.

"Our office has zero tolerance for violence against law enforcement," said district attorney Brett Smith.

Milks said he's grateful for the support.

"When someone takes a direct assault against public servant, that needs to be dealt with," Milks said.

Anderson will be parole eligible after serving one year of his sentence.

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