Pauls Valley pharmacy robbery could net perpetrator 9 life sentences

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KXII) -- A Garvin County man could serve multiple life sentences for his involvement in a 2016 robbery.

"We're relieved for our victims especially," Pauls Valley Assistant Police Chief Derrick Jolley said.

Jolley said victims of a 2016 robbery can finally put their minds at ease.

On Thursday, a jury recommended their attacker, Jeremy Lavorcheck, receive nine life sentences.

"As law enforcement I feel justice was served,"Jolley said.

Police say Lavorcheck and his accomplice Travis Seat, stole narcotics and cash from the Legacy Drug Store in Pauls Valley.

Court documents state the men bound up pharmacy employees wrists and ankles.

"They brandished weapons at them, one of the pharmacy employees had a big chunk of her hair ripped out,"Jolley said, "and the side of her face was actually purple from a weapon being forced into (it) so hard."

After their arrest about a month later, the men escaped the Garvin County Jail.

"Jeremy Lavorcheck in fact was able to take one of the jailers hostage, [and] get the other one to let his partner out," Jolley said.

Investigators say they stole a deputy's vehicle and led them on a chase, both were eventually caught.

Jolley says the trial started Monday, and Lavorcheck voluntarily remained in the jail for most of the trial.

"Judge would check in with defense everyday to make sure whether or not he wanted to participate," Jolley said, "the very last day of the trial he chose to participate, and then asked to be removed early."

Lavorcheck was found guilty on all 9 charges including robbery by force of fear, kidnapping, assault with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy, and possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony.

"One fear we have if you look at his history it starts with burglaries then he's going to robberies and carjacking and he's escalating," Jolley said, "and we have a legitimate fear if he were a free man the next time it would be murder."

Lavorcheck's formal sentencing set for March 5.

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