Man shares 1917 photo of old Central Ward School

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) -- Resident after resident pulled up to what remained of the Central Ward School on Monday, day two of the century-old building’s demolition, but one visitor stood out from the rest.

Bobby Gene York, 67, said he didn’t attend the school himself like most of the people we talked to, but his dad Robert Eugene York did.

“He went to the Central Ward School in 1917, the year it was built,” York said.

York said his father later worked for the KATY railroad then the Denison Press newspaper in the 1930s.

He brought three photos with him to the demolition site Monday, including two of his dad’s school photos in front of the school, one dated 1917-1918, and the other dated 1920.

York said the recent old school demolitions are kind of sad.

“I live right across the street from where the old high school was and that’s the one I really hated to see them tear down,” York said.

Crews knocked down the rest of the Central Ward School on Monday, though it did take quite a while.

“When I come here earlier and looked at it I thought that might be kind of hard to take down,” York said. “They just knew how to build stuff back then. They didn’t rush into building anything.”

We’re told the cleanup phase is expected to take about two weeks.

York said he wouldn’t mind more housing in its place, as long as the building was a nice one.