Man shoots at alleged thieves in Gainesville

Published: Jan. 20, 2017 at 9:32 PM CST
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A man told police he took the law into his own hands after getting scammed by a group of men in Gainesville.

"I saw a jeep just stop, get out of the vehicle, ran over to the driveway and shot three shots."

Deborah Bradley was at Murphy USA pumping gas when she says chaos broke out.

"He ran and got back in the vehicle and got in the car, got in his jeep, ran through the driveway and went around at about 90 miles per hour," Bradley said.

Gainesville Police Chief, Kevin Phillips, says they got the call for a shooting at around 3pm on Friday.

Police say a man may have fallen victim to a scam they're still looking into, but say it involved him handing over several hundred dollars in cash.

"Three subjects met with a gentleman and asked for money so that they could provide him more money. Basically they were trying to run one of the money scams."

Police say the victim made the withdrawal from a bank in Walmart and gave it to the suspects.

They say the victim then followed them into the gas station parking lot.

"He confronted them about the theft, they then threw some of the money out of the car door window and he felt like they were trying to run him over so he produced a fire arm and shot at the vehicle," Phillips said.

Police say several shots hit this car, but no one was hurt.

The victim is not facing charges.

"I was just scared, I was scared more for somebody being in the ditch hurt and needed help," Bradley said.

Just miles away from where the shooting took place, police caught the suspects. Ronald Franklin, Gary Webster and Charles Gee were booked into the Cooke County Jail for theft.