Man arrested for stabbing man over seat reservations at 'The First Purge'

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Five days after a man was stabbed at a Sherman movie theater, the man who stabbed him is now in jail.

Police said the suspect just didn't want to sit in his own seat at the Cinemark Sherman Friday.

He kept sitting in reserved spots and being told to move, but the situation escalated and he ended up stabbing another man in the stomach.

Tammie Owens took her four and eight-year-old grandchildren to see Jurassic world Friday night.

But when they got to the theater, she noticed the large police presence.

"Then we saw the patient rolled out could tell there was bandages," she said. "We asked calmly what happened. They just said it was a medical emergency."

"At 7:22 p.m. we had an officer working," said Sherman Police Sgt. Brett Mullen. "He was approached, saying someone had been stabbed."

Mullen said Bryan Morrison simply wouldn't sit in his reserved seat.

After moving from seat to seat, he finally sat down in Terry Honore's reserved spot--and Honore asked him to move.

A complaint states Morrison moved but walked past Honore and his wife--commenting, "I should be able to sit where I want."

Honore asked if there was a problem.

"That led to a physical fight and the suspect stabbed the victim in the abdomen," Mullen said.

Morrison ran off.

"My concern is, I don't know if he left or was hiding," Owens said. "Had he been in the theater, that puts my family in danger."

The movie they were there to watch? The First Purge: a horror film where people get 12 hours to commit any crime they want.

"It's ironic the stabbing occurred given the nature of the film," Mullen said.

Police found Morrison walking down the street next to his house on Cleveland and Mulberry Tuesday night.

He was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Owens said she won't be taking her grandkids to a movie anytime soon.

Honore suffered a stab wound six inches deep but is expected to be okay.

Morrison is in jail on a $25,000 bond.

We reached out to Cinemark for a statement but haven't heard back.

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