Man who boarded school bus with hatchet explains why he did it

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - Dennis Richardson was arrested Wednesday for criminal trespass after entering a school bus carrying a hatchet.

Richardson said he's sorry he did it.

He said it all started when he was told there were kids playing with a hatchet in his yard.

He said that's when he decided to take that hatchet and go tell the bus driver what those kids were up to.

"One of my friends' little brother was trying to get out and the guy shoved him back up and wouldn't let him get out of the bus," sixth-grader Joshua Snyder said.

Snyder said he was scared.

His mom, Jennifer Archer, said she's taking precautions of her own.

"I didn't send him to school this morning and he won't be riding that bus from now on," Archer said.

Richardson was arrested for criminal trespass after entering a school bus carrying a hatchet.

The bus driver told him to get off, and he exited.

"When I was walking back to the house I said to myself 'That wasn't one of my better ideas'," Richardson said.

Richardson got out of jail Thursday afternoon.

He said he believed kids were playing with that hatchet right outside his house.

Richardson says he was just telling the bus driver so the kids could be disciplined.

"Apparently I wasn't thinking right when I went on the bus with the ax because that wasn't a good idea but I was just trying to get his attention to tell him what the kids were bringing to the bus stop," Richardson said.

Archer said she's still worried.

"I just can't believe that they got him for criminal trespass and that's it when he actually deliberately had a weapon in his hand and approached the children," Archer said.

Snyder said he's just thankful to the bus driver.

"I thank the bus driver for taking care of us and not letting that guy do anything," Snyder said.

Richardson's wife said they've had problems with kids throwing trash in their yard, stomping on their plants, and taunting their dogs.

They want the bus stop moved away from their house.

Sherman ISD said the bus route pick up and drop off location for school bus #2 was changed today and implemented during after school drop off.

The district says parents of students that ride the bus have been notified about the new bus stop location.