Man who caught giant alligator gar on Lake Texoma speaks out

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 6:29 PM CDT
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Zachary Sutterfield has been fishing since he was two, and he picked up bow fishing in the past five years.

On Saturday, he found a quiet spot on the lake to go fishing.

"I just so happened to roll up on him that morning, setting on a tree and I put a shot on him," said Sutterfield. "I fought him for about maybe 30 seconds or more. He ended up shaking me off, I kinda went back to the camper with my tail tucked between my legs."

Sutterfield wasn't discouraged for long, as he brought his younger brother and his grandfather later that afternoon.

The three were near the area Sutterfield shot the gar earlier, when something caught their eye.

"It started coming right at us, it swam right underneath us. It went over to the bank and we trolled over there and I noticed it was the same fish I shot earlier that morning, and I shot him again this time and this time he didn't go anywhere. Then my grandpa and my little brother helped me get him out," said Sutterfield.

Bryan County game warden Trey Hale says the alligator gar measured in at 6'9" in length, and weighed close to 170 pounds.

State law says you can only catch one gar per day on Lake Texoma, in every month but May.

"My adrenaline was through the roof. I've never experienced a fish that big in person, and it was just an amazing experience to be able to see that fish. Let alone be able to take it," said Sutterfield.

After the catch, the gar was given to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for research.

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