Manhunt lands fugitive behind bars in Atoka County

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ATOKA COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- A wanted fugitive is now behind bars in Atoka County after trying to escape four different ways during a manhunt Thursday afternoon.

This isn't the first time 25-year-old Romaro Green escaped authorities.

The Atoka County Sheriff's office said Green was in a stolen car and that's why Tushka police tried to pull him over Thursday. Turns out he also has a felony escape warrant from Wisconsin.

The pursuit of the stolen car turned into a manhunt. After crashing the car, running, biking and hitchhiking, Green ended up in handcuffs.

He led deputies on a 15-mile, three-hour manhunt.

"He was desperate to get away," Deputy Sheriff Greg Munholland said.

Deputy Sheriff Munholland said it all began when Tushka police scanned Green's license plate as a car stolen from a Missouri dealership. Green then took off south on Highway 69.

"Then they found that he had actually crossed over the highway, went through a ditch, up and over the old highway and crashed the vehicle," Munholland said.

But the crash didn't stop Green.

"First he started out on foot and at some point he made it down the railroad tracks and he found a bicycle at a home apparently," Munholland said.

He stole that bike and rode for what appears to be about three miles, all the way to Fincher Transmission off 69 in Caddo.

"There was a black male that was bleeding and his clothes were torn up, came to his facility and asking to pay someone to take him to Dallas," Munholland said.

Employees at Fincher's said they knew something seemed suspicious so they called police.

Green then left and managed to convince a stranger to give him a ride but it wasn't long before deputies spotted them.

"A black charger pulled out of a county road and when he got closer, there was a bicycle in the back," Munholland said.

Deputies pulled the car over, Green jumped out and ran into field, but soon after, he surrendered.

Munholland said after a chase like this one, Green's now booked in as a flight risk to make sure he doesn't get away again.

"We're just thankful no one was injured, without the public's help, we probably would not have caught him," Munholland said.

The sheriff's office said Green faces charges in Atoka County but he should eventually be extradited back to Wisconsin.