Mannsville tattoo shop gives back to local kids in need

MANNSVILLE, Okla. (KXII) - "I wanted to teach my son that giving back to the community is a positive thing and that a small act of kindness can change somebody's world," Rachel Jones said.

Rachel Jones owns Wookies Tattoo Shop in Mannsville.

"Being a tattoo shop in a town this small, not many people were very excited about me opening up and I wanted to show that I would be a positive role model and an asset to the community," Jones said.

For the past 10 years, Jones has hosted a toy drive at her shop to make sure every kid in town has a gift to open on Christmas.

"These kids in this town, they don't have a lot of hope and they don't have a lot of people to show them the positivity and love and that's what I wanted to bring to my community," Jones said.

And with an outpour of donations coming from residents like Joe McCraken, this year Jones has collected about 300 toys for 80 families in need.

"It's just the feeling that knowing that you're making somebody's life, maybe even for an instant, just a little better," McCraken said.

Jones says the toys are delivered to the children's home on Christmas day with the help of Roy Justice, who dresses up as Santa.

"They are just crazy about it," Justice said, "They are jumping around and hollering 'Santa, Santa is here.'"

Jones offered a discount on tattoos, piercings and jewelry to anyone who donated a toy that cost over $20.

"These kids do get to see that somebody does care," Jones said, "Somebody is here for them."

And Jones' mission to give back has already made an impact on her son.

"It's a great influence cause my mom did the toy drive just for me - to teach me that giving to a community can create a big difference no matter how small it is," Triston Jones said.

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