Marietta Elementary parents cry foul over tardiness punishment

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MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) -- Marietta Elementary School parents are furious after hearing their kids are receiving what they say is unfair punishment for their tardiness.

News 12 spoke with Marietta Elementary School parent, Christon Fore, and she says her son has been locked out of the school and forced to run laps when he was late.

"They're suppose to be concerned with our children's safety and they're locking them outside," says Fore.

Fore drops her two kids off at school every morning. Her son then walks his little sister to her class.

"So the principal told him he couldn't walk through the hallway to get to his class, so he had to walk outside to get to his class," says Fore.

She says her son was left outside unsupervised.

"And then they locked him out at 8 o'clock and then wouldn't let him in until announcements were over," says Fore.

Her husband told Fore when he picked up their son from school, he told him he faced more punishment for his tardiness.

"He told me about my son being locked out and having to run laps at recess, because he was late for school," says Fore.

Marietta Elementary Principal Dana McMillin declined to speak on camera, but said in a statement: "If parents/students come in after 8:00 am, when school starts, they have to buzz to enter the building. There have been no policy changes."

"We weren't even aware that the school would be locked at 8:00, because their tardy time is 8:05. I don't feel comfortable with it all, I mean, what if someone was to grab them and take them away," says Fore.

Other Marietta Elementary parents also tell us their kids have been made to run laps and have been locked outside the school.

When News 12 asked McMillin if students are being punished for being tardy, she said they lock the doors at 8 a.m. for security reasons.

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