Marietta man hospitalized after train hits pickup in Love County

A Marietta man was sent to the hospital Thursday morning after a train hit the bed of his truck.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says Daniel Woolery, 68, was crossing a railroad track on Greenville Road around 10:46 a.m. when an Amtrack train hit the bed of his pickup truck.

Woolery is said to have stopped at the track but did not see the train de to a blind spot. When he saw the train, he tried to get across the tracks but did not make it in time.

Troopers say Woolery was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected 22 feet.

"He is a very lucky gentleman. If the train had hit him just a few feet to the front of the vehicle, further to the front, this could be a whole different outcome," said Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham.

Woolery was flown to Medical City Denton in critical condition with arm, leg and internal injuries.

The Love County Sheriff's Office wants to remind all drivers to be aware of train crossings, look both ways and listen for a train horn.