Student allegedly threatened with knife on Marietta school bus

MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) -- "You don't just pull a knife on another kid and say 'I'm going to stab you in the throat'."

That's what Brandy Smee says happened Friday to her son on the bus.

"A knife was pulled on our son, he defended himself with a brace that's on his arm every day. The kid threatened to stab him in the throat. And our kid was basically punished for defending himself," says Brandon Smee.

The Smees say their child acted only in self defense, but without any supervision on the bus, it's just their kid's word against the other middle schooler.

"But if we did have cameras on the bus … we wouldn't be taking the words of 10 and 12 year-olds, we would have evidence of it," says Brandon Smee.

In fact none of the school buses in Marietta have cameras.
Superintendent, Chad Broughton, says the school board has talked about it but that as of now, nothing is in the works.

"Does the bus driver even understand what's being said? All the way at the back of the bus? I'm not sure if that would've even helped." says Brandy Smee.

"We monitor them that way at the school, around the school but once they get on the bus, we're done looking at them, we leave it to the bus driver who has many other things he's doing besides just watching kids," says Brandon Smee

Marietta Middle School released a statement saying : "The incident was immediately reported to administration. After investigation the students involved & their parents were brought in and consequences were dealt."

Those consequences? Both students were suspended until after Christmas break.

An outcome the Smees plan to appeal.

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