Marinas expect busy Memorial Day weekend at the lake

POTTSBORO, Tex. (KXII) - Marinas on Lake Texoma are expecting a busy Memorial Day weekend, but they're taking precautions to keep people safe.

"We're looking forward to getting out here and just getting out of the house and the pandemic," said lake goer Scott Miller.

Miller and his family came up from Keller to visit their house on Lake Texoma for the weekend.

He says he's not worried about COVID-19 spreading at the lake, especially since most of the time, he'll be on his boat.

"I feel super comfortable. Nobody really invades your space even when the pandemic isn't there so I'd imagine it will even be better," Miller said.

Marina Brand Manager Tyler Walston says it's already been busier than usual, since people from the metroplex have been coming to the lake to practice social distancing.

"We're just seeing a lot more people out here than we normally do early on in the summer," Walston said.

He says they're expecting a lot of people this holiday weekend and encourage people to stay with their families.

"All of our cabins are booked for the weekend, all of our boat rentals are booked up, every hour is booked for the weekend," Walston said.

"We expect for some people after they're done with the boat to come in, take a drink, eat some good food," said Angelica Zepeda, a waitress at The Bite.

Restaurants like The Bite at Highport Marina are taking precautions like servers wearing masks and designated social distancing tables.

The Point at Grandpappy Marina set up sanitizing stations, is checking employees temperatures, and screening workers and guests, asking them if they've had any symptoms or have been around anyone with COVID-19.

"We think it's going to be okay I mean everyone's got their own space, they're going to get on their boat, get on the water," Walston said.

Phase Two to open up Texas starts Friday, meaning restaurants are allowed to open at 50 percent capacity instead of 25.

Outdoor patios can be full capacity.