Marshall County officials, residents discuss Enos Road future in town hall meeting

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - The stretch of Enos road between Shay road and Little road in southern Marshall county opened Thursday night.

Chris Duroy, Marshall County District 3 Commissioner, met with residents on Saturday at Enos Community Center to discuss the plans to finish the $3.5 million road that has been a problem for many.

"It is a huge detour," Pam Green said. "The roads are terrible. It's difficult to give people instructions on how to even find us."

Green lives in Sherman but recently bought a second house in Enos last August, thinking the construction would have been done by then.

"I was pleased to know that the money has not been funded," Green said. "That was my concern was that the money had been allocated and now there is no incentive to complete the project."

Duroy said Cummins Construction brought in asphalt from its Coleman plant to cover two spots on the road so it could open.

"With the weather we've had over the last several months, there's a lot of days that the traffic could be driving through here where there's no workers," Duroy said.

Now that the bottom layer of asphalt is down, Duroy said contractors are going to work around traffic using pilot cars so the top layer of asphalt, signs and striping can be done.

Duroy asks for drivers to be careful around road crews.

"The thing now, is it should be open now until we're through with the project," Duroy said. "Unless, for some reason, we have to shut it down for safety."

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Robert Chaney introduced the new county-wide alert system so resident can receive alerts on road construction and closures as well as natural disasters and criminal activity.

There are several ways for people who live and work in Marshall County to sign up for the free alert system:

Go to

Call 580-263-2390

Text "Alerts" to 580-263-2390

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