McCurtain County law enforcement cracking down on alcohol sales to minors

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McCURTAIN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) -- Thursday was the third day of alcohol compliance checks by the McCurtain County Sheriff's Office.

On the first day, four out of eight stores checked sold to minors.

On the second, five out of fifteen.

It is a decrease, but it's still not good enough.

On the third day, no stores took the bait and sold to minors.

Sheriff Kevin Clardy says word must be getting out that if you do sell to a minor in McCurtain County, it could land you with a $1500 criminal charge, or worse; in jail.

"Leads to DUI's, leads to accidents, leads to deaths," said Clardy.

The sheriff says preventing a death is as easy as looking at someone's ID.

"I'm going to need to see some ID, you don't look old enough," said Rolling Fork Takery Owner Skip Copeland.

They say the Hochatown community in particular is still healing after a drunk driver hit a van carrying a family and killed two little girls in April.

So now they're being proactive.

"Come have a good time, drink, but we want it to be the right way and minors coming into stores and buying alcohol is not the right way," said McCurtain County Deputy John Jones.

Copeland is on board with compliance checks and say everyone loses when alcohol-related accidents happen.

"Young people make bad decisions without the use of any kind of substance. I was a young person once myself so they don't need any help from the rest of us. We are supposed to be the ones to make the mature decisions and it's really simple just to ask someone for identification," said Copeland.

Kaelan and Kaycie, the undercover volunteers, say this was a learning experience for them, too and hope their day of volunteering serves as an example to other people their age that buying or selling alcohol to minors won't go unnoticed in McCurtain County.

"Now our friends will know not to try to buy alcohol underage because they're going to get told no and possibly get in trouble," said Kaelan and Kaycie.