Medal of Honor recipients get special dinner, meet local residents

GAINESVILLE, Tex. The Gainesville High School cafeteria was filled with a sold out crowd for the 18th Annual Patriot Dinner.

Proceeds go towards making the Medal of Honer week happen next year once again.

"This little town of hardly any population has really stepped up and out shined all the other big boys, all the big cities," said Don "Doc" Ballard.

Crowds waited in long lines to greet the 21 Medal of Honor recipients.

Earlier in the day the men spoke to students at Gainesville High School.

"If we did not have patriotic people like we have in this community, there ain't nobody gonna fight for America," said Pat Brady.

Men like Don "Doc" Ballard.

During Vietnam he ran across enemy fire to save a Marine, threw himself on top of an enemy grenade, it failed to detonate.

"It's really been an exciting week and we really love it," said Ballard.

82-year-old Pat Brady was a helicopter ambulance pilot in Vietnam.
He used three helicopters to rescue over 60 wounded soldiers. At days end those helicopters had a over 400 bullet holes.

"America, we have no kings or queens no dukes or duchesses but we do have a nobility, our nobility is our veterans," added Brady.