Medical Marijuana businesses growing in Southern Oklahoma

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ARDMORE/MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) Todd Larkin is the manager of Pure Wellness, a business that sells CBD products and medical marijuana.

Larkin says the store has been selling CBD products at its Ardmore location for a year and became a licensed dispensary three months ago.

"We kind of laugh and sitting back now and look at what we were doing - a year ago and how much life has changed, how much everything has changed in the state with the cannabis industry," Larkin said.

Now Larkin says he's expanding the business and bringing it to Marietta in Love County, adding to the list of licensed dispensaries there.

"Thankfully we have good municipalities working with us and hopefully excited to see us in the town and bring in some good tax revenue for the cities too," Larkin said.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority reported a week ago they've received a total of over 3,207 business applications.

Of those applications received, 902 are now licensed dispensaries.

Ardmore's Director of Community Development Jessica Scott says it's just the very beginning of the growing industry in the town.

"Actually right now we have 8 more dispensaries in the works so they're not permitted and ready to go yet but they're in some process of it and one more grow facility," Scott said. "We're pretty much doubling what we already have."

Scott says so far the city hasn't had problems with noncompliant business owners.

"All of the people have been fantastic, they come in they do what they are suppose to do - they're working licensed contractors to make sure they have their ventilation requirements and so far it's been a positive experience," Scott said.

Larkin says his new shop is selling CBD products but it could be 2 to 3 weeks before they can sell medical marijuana.

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