Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Davis

DAVIS, Okla. (KXII) - Dr. Bob Horanzy has been a physician for 23 years.

He's now the owner of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Davis called Cannabis Therapeutics.

"I have a lot of patients that are now down to prescribing a dozen or two dozen pills a month where they were on 180 before and they're just using it as needed now because they are using cannabis for pain control," Dr. Horanzy said.

Dr. Horanzy says right now the shop is only selling vapes and pipes.

He says they will sell marijuana products once it becomes available - which could be as early as next weekend.

"We hope to have the flower in, cannabis oil," Dr. Horanzy said. "We'll probably have some waxes in, that's a little more convenient taking a concentrate."

Dr. Horanzy tells us he is currently working on getting a growing and production permit so that he can create and sell their own line of products in the shop - which saw over a dozen customers Friday morning during their soft opening.

"I know a lot of people who would benefit from this," Katrina Armstrong said.

Davis resident Katrina Armstrong says she is looking into getting a medical marijuana license to help with health problems she's been battling for nearly 20 years.

She tells us she was shocked when state question 788 passed in June legalizing medical marijuana and was even more shocked when she saw a dispensary owned by her doctor was opening four blocks from her home.

"It takes the risk out of the black market because you never what you are getting - how it was grown, what they've put in it, it takes a lot of risk out of it for me," Armstrong said.

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