Medical marijuana law to affect gun owners in Oklahoma

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TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) - "You have to make a choice, you're either going to smoke or you're going to shoot," U.S. Law Shield State Manager Joshua Reil said.

Since the medical marijuana bill passed last month, Reil says his organization is working to ensure current (and future) gun owners understand the law.

"The law states that any mind altering drug (marijuana's a mind altering drug) you cannot be under the influence of it, at all,"Reil said.

"The voters of Oklahoma have determined that this is a medicine," Attorney Zack Simmons said. I do not believe that people who are prescribed medicine by a doctor should be disqualified from possessing a firearm, as long as they're taking that medication as prescribed."

Firearms instructor Jami Hurst worked with U.S. Law Shield to bring the informative seminar to Tishomingo.

Hurts says she believes Oklahomans need to understand their gun rights now more than ever.

"It's just a time for people to know their rights, to know their place to know what they can and can't do legally," Hurst said.

U.S. Law Shield also works to correct misinformation about gun laws.

"If you get told the wrong things, oh you can open carry without a license that's the way we've been ... well no it's not," Reil said.

Reil says Oklahomans are required to have a license to open or concealed carry a weapon, and according to CBS news 31 percent of Oklahomans own guns.

He says gun owners considering using medical marijuana need to know, "even if you have a current state license to carry a weapon, that license will be void," Reil said.