Medical marijuana sales up across Oklahoma

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- Medical marijuana sales for February was $7.2 million, up nearly three million dollars from January.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority says there are nearly 60,000 licensed patients across the state.

Now you've got soccer moms drinking wine and smoking bud (laughs). That used to not be a thing, it is now because its becoming more of an acceptable thing," said Dustin Belvin, owner of The Remedy in Durant.

When the state of Oklahoma voted 'yes' on state question 788 in June to allow the sale of medical marijuana, Belvin did not expect to see a rapid growth of the industry.

"Some of these newer people that have never been in the industry or have never used it or tried it or whatever, they're starting to try it, its making a massive difference in their health," said Belvin. "Well then their friends see it, and their friend never thought that person would use cannabis, but they are. And if they're using it then its not so bad, right? Well then they try it for themselves and it helps them and its just a snowball effect."

According to the OMMA, there are over 1000 dispensaries across the state, and 18 of those licensed dispensaries are in Bryan County.

Grant Williams is one of the new patients, who just got his card on Monday.

"I have some musculoskeletal issues that go back to my work history. Rather than taking opioids and other things that I'm not really interested in putting into my body, I decided to go this route," said Williams.

Each patient pays a seven percent tax on each sale, that's brought in over $508,000 in February, up from $305,000 in January.

State law requires the tax paid on medical marijuana to fund the state regulatory office. Then any surplus goes to education, and drug and alcohol treatment.

Belvin thinks there could be over 120,000 patients across Oklahoma by the end of the year.

"With the way that its going and just how many we are seeing come in here to get cards, I thought it was going to slow down by now but it hasn't. Its sped up," said Belvin.

The OMMA says there are over 70,000 people who have applied for a medical marijuana card, and close to 4,000 business applications that are pending approval.