Meet Anna's new mayor: Denison native Nate Pike

ANNA, Tex. (KXII) - The city of Anna has a new mayor-- Nate Pike. He's a Texoma native who grew up in Denison and now works in Sherman.

Citizens elected Pike in a landslide vote Tuesday night. He and his family have lived in Anna since 2012. His original plan was to run for mayor in May 2018, when the current mayor Mike Crist's term would be up, but Crist resigned in August. Justin Burr was appointed mayor pro tem until Tuesday's election.

"Due to family reasons to and time commitments he needed to step back," Pike said. "So they moved it up to an election in November."

Pike said he's looking forward to leading his community, revamping the police and fire departments, and working on community projects like parks and green space. He said he's also focused on bringing in a more commercial tax base.

"There's a lot of interest in the growth pattern coming through up U.S. 75 toward Grayson County," Pike said. "I believe there will be a lot of excitement in the future."

Pike said he's still involved in Grayson County where he grew up and works as a financial planner.

"I'm still very passionate about Grayson County," he said. "I still serve on a lot of nonprofit boards and care deeply for Grayson County. I look forward to carrying that leadership down to Anna."

The Anna city manager said there's been some turnover in the city council after a member and the mayor resigned. He said he's excited for the full council and having a new mayor.

"We look forward to working with a full city council now," said city manager Philip Sanders. "We have a lot of things going on in the city."

"The only message I have for the citizens of Anna is I'm here to represent you," Pike said. "That's the exact reason I'm doing this. I believe in our community and where we're heading."

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