Meet the candidates running for District 62 representative

Kevin Couch, Brent Lawson, and Reggie Smith are campaigning for District 62.

GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Three republican hopefuls are vying for a shot as Texas state representative for District 62 after Larry Phillips announced recently he won’t be re-running.

Kevin Couch, Brent Lawson, and Reggie Smith are all running for the spot Phillips has held since 2003: District 62, which serves Grayson, Fannin and Delta counties.

Kevin Couch leads a marketing agency out of Sherman, and has served on the Sherman City Council.

"As a committed Christian I'm looking forward to fighting for conservative Texas values," Couch said.

Couch is campaigning for three main issues: Smaller government, harsher border security, and rolling back regulation on businesses.

"I think at this time I'm the only electable conservative in the race," Couch said. "Being an entrepreneur gives me the insight to realize government is sometimes the biggest roadblock in terms of impeding business."

Brent Lawson is an electrical engineer from Tom Bean. He said he wants to fight against leaders of his own party, who he said have weak leadership.

"The only way we’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen again is to send conservatives to Austin who are wiling to stand up and hold the leadership accountable to a conservative agenda," Lawson said.

His main focuses are property tax reform and property rights, school finance issues, and the right to life.

"The thing that really makes me stand out is my willingness to stand up to the leadership of my own party, and to fight for the interests of District 62."

The final candidate is Reggie Smith. Smith is a Sherman-based attorney and chairman for the Grayson County Republican party.

"All of those things have given me an opportunity to get to know Republicans here, what's important to them," Smith said. "I think that'lll serve me well in this race."

Smith is fighting for property tax reform, tougher border security, and keeping government spending down.

"Given my legal background and experience here with the folks in District 62, that and my energy will bring good solid representation for the folks here," Smith said.

The election is in March. Anyone who wants more information is asked to visit their websites or social media.

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