Memories shared after Burneyville wedding venue fire

Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 10:36 PM CST
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A 50-year-old event venue in Burneyville is now ashes and rubble.

The Red River Ranch House burned to the ground early Sunday morning.

"So when we thought about getting married, it seemed like a pretty obvious place for us," said Cody Byars.

Cody and Randi Byars had their wedding at the Red River Ranch House in 2004.

Their memories there date back to childhood.

"We both kind of grew up there. My grandparents they stayed at the cabins, so we'd go out to the dances and stuff at the Ranch House," Cody said.

Randi and her mom took this picture in front of the fireplace, which now is the only thing left standing.

"We got it before it went all big and now, now it's all gone," Randi said.

Early Sunday morning the building caught fire.

Firemen said the metal roof was already on the ground when they got there.

A wedding took place just hours before, but no one was inside when the flames sparked.

"It was just hard to imagine it happened. I couldn't believe what I was looking at," said Red River Ranch Manager Jackie Martin.

He said they've been booking the Ranch House for weddings for 15 years.

"It was really devastating at first," Martin said.

"My heart just sunk," said Rabecca Rhone, who was set to get married there in May.

"We went and we saw it and as soon as we saw it we fell in love with it. It's absolutely beautiful," she said.

She said the venue fit her and her fiancé to a tee, so she booked their wedding that day.

But now she's starting over.

"That is what I'm looking forward to next is basically re-planning my whole wedding," Rhone said.

And so are many other brides.

Martin said every weekend is booked for six months out of next year.

"Had a lot of memories in it, you know," Martin said.

Martin said he plans to eventually rebuild, but they're taking things one day at a time.

"Maybe we can just make it bigger and better, make it better than it was, so," Martin said.

The overlook lodge, houses, cabins and equestrian facilities at Red River Ranch are still open for booking.