Meth, weed found hidden inside baby food after Collinsville traffic stop

COLLINSVILLE, Tex. (KXII) - A Cooke County couple pulled over on a traffic stop ended up in jail, for drug and child endangerment charges.

After a Collinsville police officer made a traffic stop, instincts kicked in, and he wound up finding a lot more than he expected inside a baby bag.

Collinsville officer Jon Cheshire pulled over Kyle Maxon and Isabelle McDonald Saturday afternoon on US 377 and Walker St.

"One tag's expired," he said to Maxon in the body camera video. "It's also hard to read with that plastic."

Maxon didn't have a driver's license or insurance, so he asked Maxon to step outside.

"The driver was extremely nervous," Cheshire said. "I come to find out he's in possession of drugs."

"'Do you use drugs?'" Cheshire asked in the body camera footage. "'Yes, I smoke weed,'" Maxon replied.

Maxon's girlfriend Isabelle McDonald was in the backseat with her six-month-old, and Cheshire began searching their car.

"In the front seat was a birthday gift bag. I found an envelope, and it smelled strongly of marijuana," Cheshire said. "Which he said was a birthday gift to, I guess another criminal in the area."

Cheshire found meth and weed in the envelope.

And then, he opened up the baby bag.

"In the backseat, there was a baby bag. "I opened up a powdered baby formula and found a meth pipe."

He said meth was mixed into the formula too.

"I opened baby cereal and I found a baggie of marijuana," he said. "The mother admitted she was hiding them in the food supply to avoid law enforcement detection."

The two were arrested, Maxon for the weed, THC and meth, and McDonald for child endangerment and tampering with evidence.

"If you're passing through Collinsville, we will catch you, and you got drugs, you're going to jail," Cheshire said.

Both were booked into the Grayson County jail. The baby is in CPS custody.

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