Military veteran organizes event giving back to other veterans in Texoma

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POTTSBORO, TX. (KXII)-- Jerry Dorsey is a Navy veteran and fishing guide serving Lake Texoma.

One day he was thinking about how he could give back to those who served in the military, as someone who understands their needs and experiences.

His idea, he came up with Operation Welcome Home, which is now in its ninth consecutive year.

Dorsey said, "I just felt like the soldiers needed something to thank them for their service".

He explained that a long list of volunteers, local VFW posts and guides gave up their time and boats to take soldiers out fishing on Saturday morning.

Later on in the day for lunch, the Georgetown Baptist Church in Pottsboro provided a hot meal and drinks to the veterans.

Robert Richardson was there welcoming the military veterans, he said, "They are willing to give themselves, and sacrifice the things that are necessary, their lives, their resources their families. In order that we might continue to be the land of the free, the home of the brave, all that America stands for and was founded on".

James McQuillar served in the Air Force for 28 years.

He is thankful that local towns throughout Texoma remember the veterans.

"It reminds me that folks do remember us, it reminds me that small town America is the heart blood of America, and these folks totally embrace everything that we do and we love coming down here".

Scores of veterans came together, for a small token of gratitude that could never be enough for all the sacrifices they made.

Pastor of Georgetown Baptist Church, Bobby Hancock said, "To be able in a tangible way, to say thank you and that's what Operation Welcome Home does, it allow us to say thank you for your service".