More details released on charges filed in Ardmore double murder

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Carlton Franklin, 32, the suspect facing two murder charges for the death of Karli Clearman and Justin Sullivan in November appeared in court Thursday.

Court documents allege Franklin shot Clearman several times in the torso and Sullivan in neck and head - killing them last year.

Both were found in burned car outside of Clearman's Ardmore home.

"There was a lot of evidence sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau for testing forensically," Asst. Chief of Police Kevin Norris said. "There were a lot of search warrants that were issued in this case and it just took some time."

According to Department of Corrections records, Franklin was supposed to be serving a nine year sentence on a drug conviction at the time of the murders.

But during a sit down interview with journalists at The Frontier, an investigative news website, Franklin said he and Sullivan left the halfway house where they were both serving time that November night.

"Sullivan and Franklin had gone to a bar and had stayed there he said until 2 a.m. when the bar closed and they left and were picked up by Clearman," Reporter Clifton Adcock said.

Hours later Sullivan and Clearman were found murdered in Ardmore.

"We do know that he obviously was not in the home where he was suppose to be at the time and that he was in the Ardmore area," Norris said.

"This man that is now charged in these two deaths was suppose to be in DOC custody and was suspected and now charged in a series of crimes after he left the halfway house," The Frontier reporter Brianna Bailey said.

The state has since shut down the halfway house the two escaped from.

Now both the Clearman's and Sullivan's are hoping justice is served.

"Be their voice, cause after thy're gone we are all they got," Karli's mother Stephanie Wynns said. "I'm Karli's voice now."

Franklin was denied bond.

He faces death or life without parole if convicted.

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