More than 15 inches of rainfall swallows up Lake Bonham

BONHAM, Tex. (KXII) - Massive amounts of rainfall have swallowed up Bonham, and flooding has forced some people to leave their homes while the water recedes.

"Another two feet would have put us to a point to pack up and get out it was that close," Bob Lee said.

Lee bought a home on Lake Bonham 10 years ago.

What was first a lakehouse quickly became a permanent residence.

"This is the most water we've seen in 10 years."

Water--the highest amount in North Texas-- more than 15 inches worth,
swallowed up docks and boathouses all over the lake and in his Beaver's Point neighborhood.

"Last night, we were all up all night watching the water level to see if it was gonna get in houses," Lee said. "It came up to the edge of my patio."

He said neighbors spent the weekend helping tie down boats and jet skis.

Some even had to leave their homes because the water rose too high.

"We're fortunate we're not under water," Lee said. "Some of the people on the next point are under water. We cant even get to those houses," Lee said.

"It's totally under water, at least three or four feet over. I've never seen it like that."

Randy and Charlotte O'Brien have been visiting Lake Bonham every year for a family reunion.

Charlotte, who grew up in Bonham, was shocked to see an entire parking lot and dock under water at the Bonham Lake Park.

"We were noticing a lot of water standing here. I was like, man, the lake looks like it's right up along these houses." Randy said.

Lee says he's just waiting for the water recede so he can start cleaning up the mess.

"It's once in 40 years is what some of the longer time people have said," Lee said about the flooding.

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