Mother arrested for trying to give pills to son in court

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MADILL, Okla. (KXII)- Marshall County sheriffs deputy Weldon Stubblefield says he noticed an unusual exchange after an inmate was hugging his mother in the court room, and when he asked the inmate to open his hands, he could tell the inmate got nervous.

Thursday morning, Robert Gibson just went before a judge, accused of stealing the Kingston Police Chief's travel trailer.

Just before he goes back to jail, he's allowed to give his mother a hug. That's when deputy Stubblefield saw something strange. He says this video shows the mother handing Gibson pills.

"He says 'those pills weren't mine,' and I said 'they came out of your hand,' and he said 'no they didn't," said Stubblefield.

Marshall County Sheriffs Office says the pills were the anti-anxiety medication Xanax.

Near the table the video shows Vincent Young, who was in court for domestic violence charges.

Seconds later, Young tries to shove the pills into Gibson's mouth but they fall to the floor.

"About that time I saw the other inmate walking towards him and was going to try to step and crush them. I told the D.O. officer to get him back. We picked them up then and put them on the table," said Stubblefield.

Mavis Gibson, Robert Gibson, and Young all face contraband charges while Mavis Gibson and Young are facing distribution charges.

"One of the reasons we keep a deputy up in the court house is to watch for contraband and things of this nature, and activities such as this to keep them from getting back into the jail environment and having a larger issue," said Marshall County Sheriff Danny Cryer.

This incident comes a week after another inmate ran out of the Marshall County court room, where Stubblefield was also present.

Between the two experiences, Stubblefield says he is ready for the weekend.

"I'm going to stay home and put Christmas presents together," said Stubblefield.