Mother sentenced to 60 years in starvation death of her child

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Grayson County judge has handed down a sentence for a mother convicted of starving her baby to death.

The judge sentenced Tatriauna Roberts to 60 years in prison for first degree injury to a child and her role in the death of her infant son two years ago.

In June 2017, prosecutors said Amari Long was found dead on a blowup mattress at the Gunter Housing Authority.

Court documents say the 2-month old only weighed 4.47 pounds, about a pound lighter than his birth weight.

Prosecutors said she was using marijuana during that time.

They said Roberts has five other children, and a report states she never went back to the doctor after Amari was born.

A jury found 25-year-old Roberts guilty in June after medical professionals testified during the trial that Amari died of starvation.

Roberts could have been sentenced to life in prison for that conviction.

"I think the thing that sticks out perhaps most for me in this case is the many opportunities Ms. Roberts had to just ask for help. And there was plenty of people in this community, and in the community of Gunter, and in the county of Grayson who would have stepped up and helped this woman, and did try to help her," said Grayson County District Attorney Brett Smith. "And there are many people in this community who would have lovingly adopted that child. All she had to do was ask for help."

She'll be eligible for parole in 30 years after serving half of her sentence