Girlfriend arrested for murder in Murray Co. stabbing

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MURRAY COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - A Davis woman was charged with first degree murder Tuesday in the stabbing death of her boyfriend over the weekend.

Brandi Bolton, 38, was arrested Sunday.

Murray County Deputy Brandon Eddy says he was on his way to a private area off of Classen Rd. Sunday afternoon when the call came in about a stabbing.

"We received a call about two individuals that were trespassing on some private property," Eddy said. "I was actually in route to that call when we received another call stating that the individual had been stabbed and was bleeding out."

Eddy says when he arrived he saw Damon Phillips had been stabbed in the chest and his girlfriend, Brandi Bolton, giving him CPR.

Eddy says Bolton was the one who called 911.

"When I arrived, (I) began CPR, EMS arrived a short time later and he was pronounced dead on the scene," Eddy said. "We're there to try to help him and unfortunately it was too far for this individual."

Eddy says Bolton was then taken to the Sheriff's office.

"She was actually detained," Eddy said. "We brought her over here at the sheriff's office, interviewed and arrested her for first degree murder."

Eddy says the two were going to go camping near a rock quarry on that private lot.

He says they found alcohol, marijuana and prescribed controlled pills at the scene.

What led up to the stabbing that left Phillips dead is still under investigation.

Eddy says Bolton is still in custody and the case has been turned over to the District Attorney who will decided what charges, if any, she will face.

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