Murray County homes damaged from storm, power outages reported

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MURRAY COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "We were really scared and nervous," Joleta Johnston said.

Johnston says she left to go pick up her grandson just before 3 Tuesday afternoon.

When she pulled up to her home on Powell Road less than 20 minutes later, she saw broken limbs and uprooted trees scattered throughout her front yard.

"Saw the tree and thought oh my gosh it was covering the truck we couldn't pull in anywhere," Johnston said.

Johnston says she was relieved to see her home was still standing but, her hay barn out back wasn't.

"I glanced up toward my father's place and saw the hay barn was completely demolished," Johnston said. That's when I really got scared because I knew I cattle was under that shed."

Johnston says neighbors helped get all 12 of the cows from underneath the shed.

She says none of them were hurt.

But like hundreds of others in the county Johnston was without power for hours.

"It was about 3:30 when we started noticing the storms were really getting bad, so we kind of expected it would happen," People's Electric Cooperative Technician Aaron Brown said. May's always usually the worst time of year for our systems."

Brown says he's not sure how many power lines went down, but he expects to continue the repairs through Wednesday.

"The strong winds really blowing these older poles that's been on our system for a long time, I mean they have a hard time holding up in that scenario," He said.

Brown suggests customers continue to report outages.

"You as the consumer call in let us know what we need to do," Brown said," Let us know what your problem is so we can get to you as fast as we can to get you back on."

As for Johnston, she says she's just thankful no one was hurt.

"Everything turned out okay," Johnston said. It's a lot of damage, but that can be repaired and replaced so we were very lucky."