Name Bois d'Arc Lake movement gaining steam

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- What was supposed to be a monumental day in May, the groundbreaking of the first new lake in Texas in 30 years, was not for some Fannin County residents.

"When we heard, as citizens, that the name had been changed, there was tremendous disappointment," said Rhonda Cunningham, one of the Name Bois d'Arc Lake Facebook page's founders.

The name was not what they anticipated. Now, they're working to change it back to what they say was originally promised to them.

"From North Texas Municipal Lake to Bois d'Arc Lake," said Fannin County Judge Elect Randy Moore.

They wrote to the water district and to their congressman.

"One hundred percent of that feedback has been a desire to name it something else," said Jason Ross, District Director for the office of Congressman John Ratcliffe.

The current Fannin County judge and the judge elect are also a part of the movement.

"This is Fannin County and this is what we're trying to keep and it's kind of a heritage to us," said Moore.

To the people living in Fannin County, Bois d'Arc, the name of a creek that will feed the reservoir and the name of a tree commonly found in the area, represents the heritage of their home.

"The exciting thing was, there was lots of different perspectives but the common theme was please change the name, please have Bois d'Arc in it. The people of Fannin County, for whatever the reason, are passionate." (Cunningham)

Thursday night, everyone had a different story but everyone was heard.

"The Lewis and Clark expedition found that the indians in the Ohio and Mississippi valley used this wood for bows," said local horticulturalist Carlos Albert Pardo.

"Even Davy Crockett came through Fannin County in some of his tours. According to the notes, he camped on Bois d'Arc lake," said Moore.

The board issued a statement about Thursday's hearing earlier this week, saying in part, "We understand the desire to preserve the history and heritage of the region with a different name selecting a name that Fannin County supports is important to the district."

"I think the board's faces reflected the fact that they were open and they were listening and I don't think that it could have gone any better," said Cunningham.