Names of victims killed in Ada fatal crash released

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "We have our most serious accidents on it," Lt. Sayre said. "It's the highest volume road that we have through Pontotoc County."

Troopers say Judy Miller, 71, was heading east on Highway 3W just west of Ada when she failed to negotiate a right curve and drove left of center - hitting a car traveling west head on.

The crash killed two passengers in that car - Tina Allen and Lynda Kaonohi both of Coalgate.

Lt. Brett Sayre says it was the fourth fatal crash to happen on Highway 3W so far this year.

In all - seven lives claimed.

"The common cause in all of them is left of center, which is due to inattention of some kind which is either going to be cell phones or distraction inside the car," Lt. Sayre said.

Carolyn Flanagan manages the Golden's Gas and Grill right down the street.

She says she's seen several accidents happen outside her business, so she requested a turn lane be added for people to exit safely off the highway.

"Its made a big difference for me just driving in and we don't have accidents at this corner now, so I am grateful for that," Flanagan said.

Now Lt. Sayre says they are working with ODOT to find other ways to make the highway safer, one possibility is adding rumble strips to the median.

"We're trying to slow everybody down but the minute we leave then the crashes start happening again," Lt. Sayre said.

"I'm sure that it would help in some ways but I think it actually comes down to people doing the right thing and staying on their own side of the road, paying attention," Flanagan said.

Lt. Sayre says the two victims flown to Oklahoma City Tuesday are still in serious condition but are expected to survive.

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