Natural gas pipeline may come to Oklahoma

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. (KXII)-- Cheniere Midstream Holdings is looking to build a 200-mile pipeline that would move 1.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas from Okarche to Bennington.

This includes three compressor stations, with one in Bryan County and in Garvin county.

"Right now we're estimating it could be up to a $1 billion project that could potentially bring up to 1,000 jobs during production." Director of Government and Public Affairs for Cheniere Midstreams said.

An exciting prospect for Garvin County resident Tim Gamble.

"The jobs, they come and go, but while they're here, there's a substantial increase in sales taxes for us." Gamble said.

Other people say they just want more information.

"I think it could be great for our economy, but then it could be really terrible for our environment," Garvin County resident Kathy Williams said. "And I haven't heard much about it on how it will impact the environment."

Barr says 60% of the pipeline, however, will be laid on existing pipeline areas.

"We went to great extents to locate the pipeline routes along existing pipeline rights of way and corridors, to minimize impacts on land owners and environmental impacts." Barr said.

Cheniere Midstream says they're reaching out to the community for feedback, and accounting for concerns like Oklahoma's uptick in earthquakes.

"We're aware of that issue in Oklahoma, and its one of the things that are built into the engineering and design of the pipeline." Barr said.

Cheniere plans to submit a formal application to The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this spring, and hopes to have the pipeline approved and construction underway by next summer.

"The demand is on the growing in the gulf coast markets, and the supply is growing there in Oklahoma," Barr said. "So its really an opportunity to support the continued natural gas production, and economic impact there in Oklahoma."

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