Nearly a dozen cars burglarized in Anna in one night

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ANNA, TX. (KXII)-- According to Sergeant Chad Butler of the Anna Police Department, ten cars were broken into, including two cars that were parked inside a garage early Saturday morning.

Streets that were affected included Pagoda Drive, Acacia Drive, Salisbury Drive, Honeywell Drive and Calder Ct.

"My roommate called me and told me my vehicle had been broken into and that the neighbor next door both of their vehicles got broken into".

Mack Gamble is one of many who fell victim to 4 suspects who hit at least 5 streets near the West Crossing neighborhood in Anna. David Cook is his neighbor who lives next door.

Cook said, "both my cars were open, gloves boxes were dumped out, center consoles were dumped out, money was missing".

Anna police say a Texas Game Warden was the first victim, he just moved to the area less than a month ago. The thieves threw a rock through his window and took his body armor around 4:30 Saturday morning.

Chris Reeves lives on the street where the suspects are caught on camera.

Reeves said, "I found it pretty concerning that they broke into a game warden's vehicle and were that brazen at 4am, that's pretty loud".

You can see in the video, the moment they came near his house the suspects walked away quickly. Reeves is a police officer at Prosper ISD, and he had his police car parked in front of his house.

He thinks they turned around when they saw his patrol car. He's just sorry the game warden wasn't so lucky.

"Of course not the way I want to welcome him into the neighborhood, I get out and there's a huge rock and his game warden truck is broken into".

David Cook, like the other victims hopes those involved are taken into custody, he said, "I hope they find who did this, and justice is served".

Anna Police want to remind everyone to always remove valuables from your vehicles, and make sure your car doors are locked.