Neighboring businesses concerned after Marietta zoning board recommends change for REA building

MARIETTA, Okla. (KXII) - Marietta Zoning and Adjustment board approved a zoning change for a building along Memorial Drive Tuesday night.

Red River Valley Electric Association said its old building has been on the market for a year but has only received two offers.

Both of the offers require a rezoning from commercial to industrial, but that is not sitting well with neighboring businesses such as First National Bank and Big Five Head Start.

Attorney Charles Roberts, who represents First National Bank and Big Five, said the zoning change could bring in businesses like car junk yards, manufacturing as well as medical marijuana growing and processing.

"We're also concerned about that, right across the fence from preschool kids and right next to a drive-in bank," Roberts said.

Opponents are also concerned with odors and noise the new businesses might make as well as the possibility they could be an eyesore for visitors.

REA said its proposed buyer is Zena Properties LLC out of San Antonio, a company specializing in commercial and residential property.

Laci Jo Littleton is the real estate agent working for Zena Properties.

She said the company plans to rent out sections of the property to tenants but it does not know at this time what businesses will come in with much hanging on the zoning decision.

"They're very community driven," Littleton said. "They want to create good neighbors and good neighborhood. They're not here to create any enemies."

Mike Mathis with REA said it is now one step closer to selling the property after the vote to recommend the zoning change.

"Had it fallen through, then the contract would fall through," Mathis said. And so we'd be back to square one and trying to find a new (buyer)."

Marietta City Council will make a final decision on the zoning change May 14.