Neighbors give new details in Murray County shooting

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Neighbors are weighing in with what they saw and heard after a shooting sent two teens to the hospital in Davis Thursday night.

"We heard some shots," Paul Busby, who owns a pasture on Substation Road, said. "My wife heard them first, then I heard one."

Busby says it isn't uncommon to hear gunfire out near his land. But it was after those shots Thursday night that a woman renting a home on his property told him to get down to the pasture quick.

"What she told me, that they was coming up the pasture and it looked like they were shooting at one another." Busby said.

He says as many as five trucks sped off, one of them bottoming out in a ditch, leaving a headlight and other pieces of the truck behind. The noise caught the attention of another neighbor on Airport Road.

"I started hearing these pickups come by the house, just zoom, zoom, zoom," Neighbor Darrell Reed said. "There was a never ending stream of them."

Both later learned that a 17-year-old girl and teenage boy had been hit by pellets from a shotgun blast. One victim's father says it was a social media dispute that escalated between Murray County and Carter County high school students.

"This is not the Wild West," Reed said. "That only happens on TV man, its not supposed to happen in real life."

Both are expected to survive. The father says his daughter was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital with a pierced lung, esophagus and a paralyzed left hand.

No word yet on if any arrests have been made.

"Its unreal that kids do that," Busby said. "I grew up here, and we did a lot of stuff, but we never did get the seriousness to kill people."

News 12 has reached out to the Murray County Sheriff's Office, but haven't heard back. They are investigating.

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