Neighbors on edge following Sherman assault

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- Officers were called to the home on King and Contemporary Streets around 11:30 p.m. Friday.

By Saturday morning the house was taped off and a crime unit was on the scene.

Police said they were called to a report of aggravated assault and family violence and one person was taken to Wilson N Jones.

"I guess they found her on the ground and they ended up picking her up and putting her on a stretcher," neighbor Michelle Davis said.

Officers wouldn't elaborate on the victim's injuries, which worries Davis and her husband Derric Ebel, who live across the street.

"Did the guy get away? How is she, for instance?" Davis said. “It would be nice to know that kind of information, being a neighbor."

Reporters knocked on the door of the home Monday, but no one was home.

Police said the victim is still alive but they aren't releasing any other details, including whether any arrests have been made.

"It makes me feel unsafe especially since it was a crime scene and there's no cop sitting out here,” Ebel said.

Ebel said the couple who lived at the home, just feet away from his own house, was constantly fighting.

"We haven't seen him since,” Davis said. “The incident of that morning he left bright and early and by the time we actually ended up getting up the cops were already surrounding and waiting at this area."

"It's frustrating because we got two kids that we got to take care of and we got people fighting constantly across the street,” Ebel said. “It’s definitely not something I want to live near."

No one involved in the incident has been identified.

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