Neighbors react to Garvin County inmate's arrest

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GARVIN COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - "I didn't expect him to be there for sure," Neighbor Kenneth Travis said, "well you don't ever stop to think about somebody being right across the street."

"What in the heck is going on," Neighbor Julie Scroggins said.

Those were Scroggins thoughts moments after police took Jason Willis into custody around ten Friday morning.

She lives next door to the Wynnewood home where Willis had been hiding out.

"t was a just a little scary especially having young ones and them being right next door to you," Scroggins said.

Willis punched a jailer in the face and escaped from the Garvin County jail Sunday night.

"What we're learning this morning (actually 6:30 this morning) may have been the first time Willis got to somewhere where he could get some aide from somebody," Sheriff Larry Rhodes said.

That aide came from Johnny Green Sr., 66.

Deputies arrested him for harboring a fugitive.

"A person who lives here is associated with Willis, we know that association took place while Willis was in Garvin County jail," Rhodes said, "so it was one of the addresses we would've eventually got to."

They aren't identifying him, but Rhodes says they're investigating that man's involvement with Willis.

He says deputies checked the home Monday night, but Willis wasn't there.

Willis is now charged with assault and battery on a police office and escape.

"I'm definitely going to watch my kids playing outside more now, because you just don't know who's around," Scroggins said.