New Achille police chief sworn in Tuesday night

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- "I saw this as a place where I can make the most change and be effective," said Stephen Isedeh.

Isedeh says he is aware of events that have happened in Achille over the past several months, including the arrest of board member Lynn Chambers for meth trafficking and possession of illegal weapons, and the search warrant at board member Bryan Baker's home last month that led to the firing of former police chief Chris Watson.

Isedeh says he refuses to watch the video from the search warrant.

"I didn't want to come in with a biased opinion, I wanted to come in and remain objective. I wanted to form my own opinions about what's happened or the people who were involved or the people around here," said Isedeh.

Isedeh says the department can learn from what happened in Baker's home.

"I wish it could have been a better outcome, and I hope moving forward that everyone takes this as a learning experience and try to do things a bit differently next time," said Isedeh.

Four years ago, Isedeh was a police officer in Colbert. He says he resigned after being involved in shooting a man while on duty.

Back in December 2015, OSBI told News 12 when the officer tried to arrest 23-year-old Christopher Nichols , the two got into a physical fight and the officer shot Nichols who later died.

"It's something I think about every day, something I carry with me to this day. In that moment, I had something I had to fight for and I was literally going to fight for my life, and I did what I had to do to make it home to my loved ones," said Isedeh.

Isedeh was never charged with Nichols' death, he says he wants people to know the truth.

"We've got to build a better relationship with our community. We can't fix the past but we can move forward to try to make a better future with us and the town of Achille," said Isedeh.