New Fannin County lake finally named

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Directors at the board meeting Wednesday made it clear: the 13 cities footing the bill for the new lake in Fannin County wanted their name on it.

"We're spending $1.8 billion to build this lake and we deserve to have some recognition for that," said NTMWD Board Director representing Allen James Kerr.

The name - North Texas Municipal Lake - was announced at the groundbreaking ceremony in May.

"Since then, the district and the board has heard from a number of citizens, from leaders in the county and from other state and federal representatives that they wished that the board had considered a different name," said Executive Director of the NTMWD Board Tom Kula.

But Fannin County leaders thought a local name was a good compromise for the trillions of gallons of water expected to supply North Texas, from the lake.

"We just have to make sure we get them all right and everybody gets what they should be getting," said Texas State Senator Bob Hall, (Dist. 2 - R).

People from Fannin County wanted the name Bois D'Arc because they say it represents the area and means something to the people there.

"Over the last few months that context has sort of changed for me. I didn't consider, for instance, the context of history and heritage," said NTMWD Director representing Mesquite David Paschall.

Only Director Darrell Grooms of Forney voted against the name change.

"We appreciate that you changed the name to Bois D'Arc lake. We truly do," said Fannin County Judge Spanky Carter.

The leaders of the 'Name Bois D'Arc Lake' movement say they are happy the vote went the way it did, but their work is not done.

"The naming was the first step. We had to get that right. But now we're ready to move on to the next things," said Facebook group founder Rhonda Cunningham.

Organizers of the movement want the board to next address regulations for boat docs and boardwalks, things they say will greatly affect the businesses and real estate in the area.